EU Member States formally authorised to ratify the 2010 HNS Protocol

Posted: 27/04/2017
Categories: News – Policy

The Council of the European Union, having received consent from the European Parliament in early April, has now formally adopted two decisions relating to the Protocol of 2010 to the HNS Convention. These decisions, taken on 25 April 2017, authorise Member States of the European Union to ratify or accede to, as appropriate, the Protocol of 2010 to the HNS Convention.
As parts of the Convention fall under the EU’s exclusive competence in the area of maritime transport, EU Member States needed to be authorised to be able to ratify or accede to it which is the purpose of the first decision. In addition, the Convention contains provisions that affect EU secondary legislation on jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters, issues which are covered by the second Council decision.
The Director has welcomed the adoption of these decisions which closely follow the first ratification of the Protocol by Norway on 21 April 2017. He expressed his hope that both the decisions of the Council and the positive step by Norway would encourage further progress towards the entry into force of the Convention.

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