Induction Course for 1992 Fund Member States

Posted: 20/10/2017
Categories: News – External Relations

The first IOPC Funds’ Induction Course for 1992 Fund Member States took place on Friday 20 October 2017 at the Funds’ headquarters in London.
This new course has been developed following the success of the annual IOPC Funds’ Short Course and in response to a growing demand from Member States to hold a shorter course specifically aimed at providing delegates with an inside perspective into the functioning of the IOPC Funds and a better understanding of what exactly happens in the event of an oil spill. This includes how the affected Member State and the IOPC Funds would interact during such an incident.
The Director and members of the Secretariat covered the full process from the incident first occurring to the first claim being paid. They addressed the role of the State’s delegation in London and the assistance that can be provided to them by the IOPC Funds both during and after the incident, the dispatch of experts on the scene of the spill, the establishment of a local claims office and what to expect from court proceedings.
The presentation session was followed by a networking luncheon for all participants, providing an opportunity in a more informal setting to ask the Secretariat questions and discuss any areas of particular interest not covered during the course.
Initial feedback from the 20 participants, representing 18 Member States, was very positive indeed and, subject to demand, the Director intends to offer the course annually to delegations from now on.

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