Thailand has submitted text of its relevant national legislation for inclusion in its IOPC Funds online country profile

Posted: 20/06/2022
Categories: News – Policy

Thailand has submitted to the Secretariat a copy of its national legislation relevant to the IOPC Funds, which is now available to view via its country profile under the Membership section of the website.  

In 2016, 1992 Fund Member States were formally invited in circular IOPC/2016/Circ.2 to submit copies of relevant national legislation to the Secretariat at their earliest convenience for inclusion in the IOPC Funds’ online country profiles.  That request has been repeated at each annual session of the 1992 Fund Assembly, and to date, the following 19 States have shared the relevant documentation. 

Australia, the Bahamas, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, France, China (HKSAR), Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Philippines, Poland, Republic of Korea, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom. 

As well as being of general interest to users of the website, having details of the national legislation of Member States implementing the 1992 Civil Liability and Fund Conventions, and, where applicable, the Supplementary Fund Protocol, can facilitate communication and cooperation between Member States and the Secretariat on matters such as oil reporting, contributions or general applicability of the Conventions.  

States that have not yet submitted copies of relevant national legislation to the Secretariat are encouraged to do so in the form of a link to the relevant pages of a government website or in the form of a PDF. 

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