Visit by the Erasmus University Rotterdam

Posted: 28/02/2023
Categories: News – External Relations

The IOPC Funds were delighted to welcome a group of 20 students from the Erasmus University Rotterdam on 28 February 2023.

The group, who were all studying for a Master’s in Maritime and Transport Law, had taken the opportunity, as part of their visit to the International Maritime Organization, to request a presentation from the IOPC Funds.

The Director, Gaute Sivertsen, was happy to provide them with an overview of the international liability and compensation regime and the role of the organisation. He reported on the latest developments in the Bow Jubail incident, which had occurred in the port of Rotterdam in 2018.  He also explained the various challenges currently facing the IOPC Funds and answered various questions and held interesting discussions with the group over issues such as the increase in more sustainable fuels, the 2010 HNS Convention and the impact of current sanctions on the regime.

The IOPC Funds support a number of educational institutions each year by giving lectures to university students to enhance their understanding of the relevant Conventions.  For further information, please contact

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