Oil Reporting and Contributions

The IOPC Funds are financed by contributions levied on any entity that has received in the relevant calendar year more than 150 000 tonnes of contributing oil (i.e. crude and/or heavy fuel oil) in ports or terminal installations in a Member State, after carriage by sea. Contributions are paid by the individual contributors directly to the Funds.

The levy of contributions depends on reports of the amounts of oil received by individual contributors, which the governments of Member States are obliged to submit annually to the Secretariat. These amounts are used as the basis of the levy, calculated to provide monies to administer the Funds and to pay claims approved by the governing bodies. A system of deferred invoicing exists whereby the total amount to be levied in contributions for a given calendar year is fixed, but only a specific lower total amount is invoiced for payment by 1 March, and the remaining amount or a part thereof, is invoiced later in the year if necessary.


Submission of oil reports

The 1992 Fund Convention and the Supplementary Fund Protocol require that all Member States report to the Director of the Funds each year the name and address of any company or entity in that State which is liable to pay contributions to the 1992 Fund and/or to the Supplementary Fund, as well as the quantity of contributing oil received by each of these companies and entities in the preceding year. The Funds’ Internal Regulations require that the reports should be submitted using the Form for reporting receipts of contributing oil, or the Online Reporting System (ORS), no later than 30 April each year. Member States can request access to the ORS by contacting oilreporting@iopcfunds.org.

Member States in which no company or entity is liable to pay contributions to the 1992 Fund and/or the Supplementary Fund should notify the Director using the Nil declaration form.

The quantities of contributing oil received in the calendar year 2022 in the territories of States that were Members of the 1992 Fund on 31 December 2022 (as reported by 31 December 2023) are listed here.  Also included is a list of those States that received no contributing oil during 2022 and a list of States that had not submitted any reports by 31 December 2023.

Recent contribution history

At its November 2023 session, the 1992 Fund Assembly decided to levy contributions based on oil received in 2022 and payable by 1 March 2024. Details of these contributions are provided in the 2023 Contributions Information Sheet. Details of prior decisions taken in respect of each General Fund and each Major Claims Fund are given here.

An overview of oil reported by Member States for 2022 is provided in the two charts below.

Contributions to the 1992 Fund by Member State

Figures shown are General Fund contributions for 2023 (based on 2022 oil reports), the most recent year for which contributions were levied.

Contributions to the Supplementary Fund by Member State

The Supplementary Fund did not levy contributions in 2023.  The figures shown depict the contributions by Member State if General Fund contributions had been levied for 2023 (based on 2022 oil reports).