Annual Report 2014 now available

Posted: 16/03/2015
Categories: News – External Relations

The Annual Report 2014 is now available to download from the publications page. Hard copies of the Report are also available on request via the publications page.
In light of the frequent updates and improvements to the incident-related information available on the IOPC Funds’ website, the governing bodies decided in October 2014 that it was no longer necessary to annually print a full publication dedicated to the incidents involving the IOPC Funds. However, the Operational Review section of the new Annual Report has been expanded this year to include the general developments in open incidents over the course of 2014.
Details of the 149 incidents in which the IOPC Funds have been involved since 1978, and in many cases a full case study, including latest developments, can be found under the Incidents section of this website. In addition the summary tables, which were originally included in the Incident Reports will soon also be available under the statistics page of the Incidents section.

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