Visit from the Chair of the Japan Maritime Center and representatives of the Japanese delegation

Posted: 07/11/2023
Categories: News – External Relations

The Director, Gaute Sivertsen, and Policy Officer, Yuji Okugawa, were pleased to welcome the Chairman of the Japan Maritime Center (JMC), Mr Masafumi Shukuri to the IOPC Funds’ offices on 6 November 2023.  Mr Shukuri was joined by a Senior Researcher from the JMC and senior members of the Japanese delegation to the IOPC Funds’ meetings.

During the meeting Mr Shukuri expressed his appreciation to the Director for his recent visit to Japan and, in particular his participation in the joint seminar organised by the JMC and the IOPC Funds (see link to news article). Both Mr Sivertsen and Mr Shukuri agreed that the event had been very successful and that the entire visit, which had included several meetings with many Government officials, industry representatives and other key stakeholders, had been highly beneficial to all involved.

The Director and Mr Shukuri both expressed their commitment to ensuring the continuance of the excellent cooperation between the organisation and Japan.

To celebrate this commitment by Japan since 1978, the delegation of Japan and the Japan Maritime Center kindly invited the Secretariat to join them at an informal reception, which was greatly appreciated.

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