Director’s Office

The Director is responsible for the implementation of the Funds’ mandate and for the overall strategic planning and policy issues of the organisations and high-level contacts with Governments of Member States. The Director is the legal representative of the Funds.

The Director’s Office sits outside the organisation’s departmental structure. It comprises the Director, the Policy Officer and the Executive Assistant.

Director's Office

  • José Maura
    José Maura

    José Maura has worked for the IOPC Funds since 1996 and prior to joining the Funds, practised law and worked for a Protection and Indemnity Club. He joined the IOPC Funds as a Claims Manager and became the Head of the Claims Department in January 2002. Mr Maura was appointed Acting Director of the IOPC Funds on 21 September 2010 and on 26 October 2011 was elected Director for a term of five years. In October 2016 he was reappointed to serve as Director for a further term until 31 December 2021.

  • María Basílico
    María Basílico
    Executive Assistant
  • Yuji Okugawa
    Yuji Okugawa
    Policy Officer