Posted: 19/05/2016
Categories: News – External Relations

The IOPC Funds participated in the third Adriatic Spill Conference and Exhibition, ADRIA SPILLCON 2016, which took place in Opatija, Croatia, from 10–12 May 2016. The conference included presentations on the latest developments in the technical, scientific, legal and organisational fields of dealing with accidental marine pollution within the Adriatic Sea region.
Claims Manager, Mr Mark Homan, gave a presentation on the role of the IOPC Funds and recent developments in the liability and compensation regime. This included the discussions of the Working Group established by the 1992 Fund Assembly on the definition of ‘ship’ under Article I(I) of the 1992 CLC, the new online Claims Handling System and the progress being made by States towards ratification of the 2010 HNS Convention.
That Conference was also an opportunity for a meeting organised by the Ministry of Transport of Croatia, with government representatives from the region and REMPEC to discuss opportunities for further cooperation on pollution preparedness and response issues.

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