EUROWA-2 Project – Preparing and coordinating oiled wildlife response in Europe

Posted: 02/02/2021
Categories: News – External Relations

On 2 February 2021, the IOPC Funds, ITOPF and Oil Spill Response Ltd. (OSRL) took part in a webinar organised by Sea Alarm for the EUROWA 2 project.

EUROWA is a network of European oiled wildlife response experts working together to ensure cooperation and readiness in the field of marine wildlife response, in case of emergency. The EUROWA 2 project is a follow up of the EUROWA 1 project and aims to further strengthen capacity to deal with marine wildlife emergencies in Europe.

Ana Cuesta, Claims Manager, presented on the international liability and compensation regime and claims for compensation.

Participants from authorities, scientists and responders from European coastal countries will have the opportunity during this 2-year project to take part in several events to further promote effective cooperation between European countries in marine wildlife emergencies.

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