ITOPF Board meeting, United States

Posted: 17/11/2023
Categories: News – External Relations

The Director, Gaute Sivertsen, attended the annual ITOPF Board meeting on 16 November 2023 in Houston, United States.

He was pleased to be invited to provide an update on the latest developments relating to the work of the IOPC Funds.  In a brief presentation, Mr Sivertsen, reported on some of the key discussions and decisions taken at the sessions of the IOPC Funds’ governing bodies which were held the week before, and explained some of the challenges currently facing the organisation and the international liability and compensation regime in general.  He also referred to some of the recent activities in which ITOPF and the IOPC Funds had collaborated.

The IOPC Funds has worked closely with ITOPF, which provides technical advice on preparedness and response to accidental marine spills, since the establishment of the original 1971 Fund in 1978.  The two organisations have continued to work together on many incidents over the years, most recently the Princess Empress incident in the Philippines.  The two organisations also regularly collaborate on various projects and activities relating to the promotion and implementation of the international liability and compensation regime and ITOPF is also currently working with the IOPC Funds, IMO and other organisations on the development of a draft Claims Manual for the 2010 HNS Convention.

The annual participation of the IOPC Funds Secretariat at ITOPF’s Board meeting provides the opportunity for direct interaction with the shipowners who are members of ITOPF and a number of P&I Clubs who are also members of the Board.

The Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) also held its annual meeting the same week in Houston and Mr Sivertsen was pleased to attend a joint ITOPF/OCIMF reception and dinner which provided a further occasion for interaction with key stakeholders in the industry.

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