José Maura re-elected as Director of the IOPC Funds

Posted: 20/10/2016
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The 1992 Fund Assembly has re-elected Mr José Maura Barandiarán of Spain as Director of the IOPC Funds for a second term of office.
José Maura has worked for the IOPC Funds for 20 years and, having headed the Claims Department since 2002, was elected Director for an initial five-year term in 2011. Having confirmed that he would be honoured and willing to serve a second term, the 1992 Fund Assembly decided on 19 October 2016 to re-appoint by acclamation Mr Maura to serve as Director from 1 November 2016 to 31 December 2021.
Following his election Mr Maura expressed his gratitude to the 1992 Fund Member States for the continued confidence and trust they had shown by re-electing him. He referred to the importance of the cooperation, the commitment and hard work of those States, the Secretariat, the P&I Clubs, IMO, the oil industry and the international shipping community in providing a ‘solid international compensation regime’. He confirmed, however that there was still a great deal of work to be done and offered assurance that he would do his very best to ensure that the service delivered by the IOPC Funds to Member States and the victims of oil spills would continue to improve.
Mr Maura included in his list of priorities for his second term of office the introduction of an online claims submission service to ensure the claims handling process is robust but fast; the implementation of new forms of media to engage with the 114 IOPC Funds Member States; further promotion of the benefits of joining the 1992 and Supplementary Funds; and the continued provision of support and cooperation to IMO and interested States to encourage the entry into force of the 2010 HNS Convention. Mr Maura stated "I intend to take the opportunity of this second mandate to drive forward those projects which will greatly benefit the victims of the next spill when it happens."
Mr Maura made specific mention of the IOPC Funds’ relationship with the International Maritime Organization, which he planned to strengthen even further now that the two organisations shared the same premises.
He confirmed his intention to maintain the Funds’ Secretariat lean and fit and ready to confront any major spill promptly and effectively. He commended his colleagues in the Secretariat for their expertise and dedication and thanked them, the governing bodies, Members of the Audit Body, Investment Advisory Body and Funds’ experts for their continued cooperation.
"I know that this is a taxing job. I am aware of the demanding tasks that I have ahead, but I am convinced that I can count on your support to ensure that the IOPC Funds continue to thrive and serve the international community.”

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