March 2022 meeting of the IOPC Funds governing bodies to be held remotely

Posted: 31/01/2022
Categories: News – Policy

The invitation and agenda have now been issued for the next sessions of the IOPC Funds governing bodies, which will be held remotely via KUDO from 29 to 30 March 2022 (IOPC/2022/Circ.2).

The upcoming meeting will be held remotely in line with the recent practice adopted in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, unlike the November 2021 meeting, since the audio-visual facilities of the IMO main hall and committee rooms are currently undergoing refurbishment, delegates will not be able to follow the remote meeting from the IMO building on this occasion (IMO circular letter No.4220/Add.11).

All meeting documents are made available via the Document Services section, and registered users will receive notifications as new documents are published.

Only those delegates who have registered online and submitted credentials will receive a link to participate in the meeting. Registered delegates are requested to ensure that the following email address is added to their address book or allowed by their mailbox spam filters, so notifications are not missed: Further details on the technical recommendations for participating in the virtual meeting will be issued in document IOPC/MAR22/1/4.

General information regarding the meeting and the role and composition of each governing body is available here.

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