Oil spill India 2016

Posted: 12/09/2016
Categories: News – External Relations

Oil Spill India, an international conference and exhibition focussing on oil spill prevention, preparedness, and response, took place on 11 and 12 August 2016 in Mumbai, India. The event was supported by the oil industry and the Ministry of Shipping of India and, as a strategic partner, the IOPC Funds played an active role, with the Director, José Maura, Head of External Relations and Conference, Thomas Liebert and Finance Manager, Latha Srinivasan all in attendance. The Director and Mr Liebert chaired sessions and delivered presentations at the conference.
The event was well attended with almost 400 delegates from over 25 different States represented, it provided a great opportunity for the IOPC Funds to increase awareness within the region of the work of the organisation and the international liability and compensation regime in general. The Secretariat also had an exhibition stand at the event which allowed the Secretariat to meet directly with potential future claimants and other stakeholders.
India has been a Member of the IOPC Funds for over 25 years and fortunately has not suffered the consequences of a tanker spill during that period. However, its geographical location and transport activity, including a rapid increase in the volume of oil received in the country, does increase its risk of suffering such a spill. For this reason, whilst in India, the Director also met with the Director General of Shipping in Mumbai and with the Secretary and Additional Secretary of Shipping, in Delhi to discuss India’s relationship with the Funds and to make progress on an ongoing case in India.

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