Pollution Exercise (SCOPE 2017), Norway

Posted: 29/09/2017
Categories: News – External Relations

Claims Manager, Ms Chiara Della Mea, travelled to Norway on Monday 25 September to represent the IOPC Funds as an observer at SCOPE (Skagerrak Chemical Oilspill Pollution Exercise) 2017. The event, which ran for five days, was organised by the Norwegian Coastal Administration, co-funded by the European Union, and involved organisations from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Germany, including EMSA, as well as observers from over 40 countries. The event was one of the largest spill response exercises ever carried out in European waters and covered a collision between a chemical tanker and an oil tanker. Ms Della Mea delivered a presentation on the international liability and compensation regime as part of a Claims Workshop taking place during the event.

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