Regional Workshop, Jamaica

Posted: 27/11/2018
Categories: News – External Relations

At the invitation of the Jamaican Maritime Authority, the IOPC Funds participated in a three-day regional workshop from 27 to 29 November 2018, in Kingston, Jamaica. In collaboration with a representative from ITOPF, the IOPC Funds’ Legal Counsel, Kensuke Kobayashi and Claims Manager, Chiara Della Mea, delivered several presentations on the international liability and compensation regime for pollution damage. They focused on the claims-handling process, the criteria for the admissibility of claims and the implementation of the Conventions. On the last day, participants worked in groups to gain a new level of understanding by putting theoretical knowledge into practice. They took part in a simulation exercise during which they planned a response strategy for an oil spill and submitted a claim for clean-up costs based on their response, which led to dynamic and interactive discussions between participants.

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