Retirement of Mr Ranjit Pillai and structural changes to the Secretariat

Posted: 07/06/2022
Categories: News – Policy

This week, the IOPC Funds bids farewell to its Deputy Director and Head of Finance and Administration, Mr Ranjit Pillai, as he enters his retirement.

Mr Pillai leaves the Secretariat after over 25 years of service to the Organisation, during which he has played a key role in the management of financial issues and overall administrative management of the Funds. Having worked with four of the five directors in the history of the IOPC Funds, Mr Pillai’s expertise, long-term experience and insight will be sorely missed by all in the Secretariat. The Director and staff of the Funds wish him a very happy retirement and the best of luck in his future endeavours.

Mr Pillai is succeeded by Mrs Liliana Monsalve as Deputy Director, in a joint capacity as Head of Claims. At the March 2022 meeting, the governing bodies decided to approve the establishment of a new department, the Administration department, which oversees four functional areas: Finance; HR; IT; and Office Management. This new department replaces Finance and Administration department and will be led by Mr Robert Owen. The Finance section of this department will be led by Mrs Claire Montgomery who has been promoted to Chief of Finance.

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