Updated Incident Reports now available

Posted: 09/06/2015
Categories: News – Incidents

The online incident reports for the Prestige, Volgoneft 139, Hebei Spirit, Alfa I, Shoko Maru, Nesa R3 and MT Pavit incidents have been updated following their discussion at the April 2015 session of the 1992 Fund Executive Committee and are available to download via the Incidents section.
This section of the website has undergone further development in light of the governing bodies’ decision in October 2014 that it was no longer necessary to annually print a full publication dedicated to the incidents involving the IOPC Funds. As before, the Incident section contains a detailed incident report for each open incident and a number of recently closed incidents, which can be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF. However, the Secretariat now also clearly indicates which sections have been updated since the previous report was issued and offers users the possibility of downloading previous versions of the report via an archive. This archive will include the relevant pages extracted from the former published Incident Reports in which the incident was featured.
In order to further ensure that users do not lose any of the features previously offered by the publication, the Incidents section now also includes the summary tables, covering all 149 incidents in which the IOPC Funds have been involved since 1978. These tables can be viewed both in an interactive format and also as a printable PDF under the relevant tab of the incidents page and will be updated on an annual basis.

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