Various autumn 2012 events and activities

Posted: 04/12/2012
Categories: News – External Relations

Meeting of the joint Audit Body
The joint Audit Body held a meeting at the IOPC Funds’ headquarters on 11 December 2012.
Visit to the Russian Federation
The Director, Deputy Director and Head of Claims Department/Technical Advisor attended meetings with the Russian Government in Moscow during the week of 3 December 2012 to discuss the issue of outstanding contributions due from two contributors in the Russian Federation and to discuss the Volgoneft 139 incident. A visit was made to the Ministry of Transport to brief the Deputy Minister, Mr Oleerskiy on the mission and its objectives.
With regard to the Volgoneft 139, meetings were held with the shipowner, insurer and claimants. The meetings were productive and potential solutions to the main issue of the insurance gap were discussed. Further work will be required but it is hoped that the visit will result in a solution being put forward to the next meeting of the 1992 Fund Executive Committee.
Meeting of the joint IAB
The joint Investment Advisory Body met at the IOPC Funds’ headquarters on 29 November 2012.
Visit to Republic of Korea in connection with the Hebei Spirit incident
Ms Chiara Della Mea, Claims Manager, visited Taean, Republic of Korea during the week of 26 November 2012 to meet with counterparts from the Skuld Club, the insurers of the Hebei Spirit, and the 1992 Fund’s lawyers to discuss the limitation proceedings which are currently ongoing in the Republic of Korea. Ms Della Mea also met with representatives of the Korean Government to discuss developments and spent time working with staff at the Hebei Spirit Center, the claims handling office established by the 1992 Fund and the Skuld Club following the Hebei Spirit incident.
ITOPF, Annual Board Meeting
The Director attended ITOPF’s annual meeting of its Board of Directors on 15 November 2012 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He also participated in an ITOPF seminar held on the same day which focused on HNS and shipping, with particular emphasis on preparedness for incidents. For further information please visit the ITOPF website.

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