Visit by His Royal Highness Prince Hasanal of Pahang of Malaysia

Posted: 05/07/2017
Categories: News – External Relations

The Director was honoured to welcome His Royal Highness (HRH) Prince Hasanal of Pahang, Malaysia, to the offices of the IOPC Funds on Monday 19 June 2017. The Director gave a brief presentation on the role of the IOPC Funds and spoke about the importance of the international liability and compensation regime in Malaysia, particularly in light of the 2016 Trident Star incident and the sinking of the MT Putri Sea off the southern coast of Malaysia, which occurred just the week before the visit, reportedly resulting in a spill.
The Director expressed his appreciation for the active participation of the Malaysian delegation at IOPC Funds meetings and dialogue with the Malaysian Government since becoming a Party to the 1971 Fund Convention in 1995. He assured HRH Prince Hasanal that the IOPC Funds would continue to maintain close cooperation with the Malaysian Government.

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