Visit by Mexico

Posted: 05/12/2023
Categories: News – External Relations

The Deputy Minister of the Mexican Maritime Authority, Admiral José Luis Arellano, visited the Director on 4 December 2023.  He was accompanied by the representative of Mexico to IOPC Funds’ meetings, Minister for International Affairs, Norma Salomé Munguía Aldaraca, and other officials from the Mexican Embassy in London and the Maritime Authority in Mexico.

The Director took the opportunity to provide a general overview of the work of the IOPC Funds and the international liability and compensation regime in general.  He informed the group of the latest incident involving the 1992 Fund in the Philippines and discussed the current challenges the organisation faces to ensure the compensation system is able to function as intended.  He discussed Mexico’s strong cooperation with the IOPC Funds and its status with regards to the various liability conventions, highlighting in particular the importance of the 2010 HNS Convention.

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