Visit by students from the International Maritime Law Institute

Posted: 05/07/2023
Categories: News – External Relations

On Wednesday 5 July 2023, as part of their annual visit to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), students from the class of 2022-2023 of the International Maritime Law institute (IMLI) visited the IOPC Funds.

The Deputy Director, Liliana Monsalve, and Senior Claims Manager, Chiara Della Mea, were delighted to welcome a group of 50 students to the Funds’ offices.  They provided them with a comprehensive overview of the international liability and compensation regime for ship-source oil pollution.

The IOPC Funds are always pleased to provide support to IMLI and share their knowledge and expertise on the international compensation regime.  This visit serves as a testament to the long-standing relationship between the IOPC Funds and IMLI.

During their visit, two participants of the IMOGender network programme, who are also part of the IMLI class, had the opportunity to meet their mentors.  Liliana Monsalve and Chiara Della Mea have been actively involved in supporting and guiding these students throughout the year.   Both mentors take great pride in contributing to the IMOGender programme, sharing their extensive experiences and providing valuable guidance to their mentees.

The mentorship scheme aims to encourage female students at global maritime institutions to pursue opportunities in the maritime industry and promote gender balance.  The IOPC Funds has been a steadfast supporter of the IMOGender programme since its inception, recognising the importance of promoting gender equality and fostering inclusivity in the maritime sector.

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