Visit by the Norwegian Minister of Fisheries and Ocean Policy

Posted: 27/11/2023
Categories: News – External Relations

The Director, Gaute Sivertsen, was delighted to welcome the Norwegian Minister of Fisheries and Ocean Policy, Cecilie Myrseth, to the IOPC Funds’ offices on 27 November 2023.

The Minister was joined by colleagues from the Ministry in Norway and the Embassy in London.  The delegation had taken the opportunity to visit the IOPC Funds whilst attending the meeting of the Assembly of the International Maritime Organization, which was taking place the same week.

The Director was pleased to deliver a short presentation on the international liability and compensation regime, the role of the IOPC Funds and the challenges currently facing the organisation.  He also discussed Norway’s status with regards to the various Conventions and its ongoing contribution to the organisation.

Norway is both a 1992 Fund and Supplementary Fund Member State and was the first State to deposit an instrument of accession to the 2010 HNS Protocol.

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