Cedre Information Day

Posted: 22/03/2023
Categories: News – External Relations

On 21 March 2023, the IOPC Funds participated in an information day organised by Cedre, in Paris, France.

This year, the conference focused on training practices and challenges in the field of spill response to help public authorities in France and in the wider European region to prepare for and respond to potential maritime pollution.  It also gave an insight into private sector training initiatives undertaken in the oil and gas industry.

IOPC Funds Claims Manager, Mark Homan, gave an overview of the international liability and compensation regime and the role of the IOPC Funds.  He took the opportunity to highlight how important it was for the relevant public authorities to be aware of the compensation regime and the general criteria for admissibility of claims ahead of any major oil pollution incident.  He explained that such preparedness would greatly assist claimants and facilitate the claims handling process should such an incident occur.

Cedre is an international non-governmental organisation based in France which provides expertise in accidental water pollution, delivering response support, contingency planning, training, analysis and testing and research. The organisation has observer status with the IOPC Funds, regularly attends sessions of the governing bodies and has collaborated with the Secretariat on a number of projects over the years.

The IOPC Funds often works with maritime and specialist organisations, such as Cedre, to provide support and training, and to increase awareness of the international liability and compensation regime in general.  The Secretariat welcomes requests for such support, which, where possible, it can deliver in person or remotely. For further information, please contact externalrelations@iopcfunds.org.

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