Claims and Compensation Workshop in the Philippines

Posted: 17/11/2023
Categories: News – External Relations

At the invitation of the Philippines Coast Guard, the IOPC Funds participated in a two-day workshop centred around claims and compensation related to the Princess Empress incident.  The event was held from 14 to 15 November in Manila, the Philippines and provided support and guidance to all government agencies and relevant government departments interested in submitting a claim for compensation for their work on the Princess Empress incident.

Liliana Monsalve, Deputy Director / Head, Claims Department, and Ana Cuesta, Claims Manager delivered an overview of the fundamental principles governing the admissibility and reasonableness of claims for compensation. In collaboration with ITOPF, technical experts appointed to assist in assessing some claims in this incident, they presented on the main categories of claim commonly submitted including clean up, environmental damage, tourism and fishery claims.  They emphasized the crucial information and evidence that should be included in support of the claim to strengthen the likelihood of a successful claim.

Following each presentation, a constructive and open discussion took place to address any issues or concerns potential claimants may have had with their claim.  This interactive segment not only fostered clarity but also ensured that all participants felt well-informed and confident in compiling their claim for compensation. Participants expressed their appreciation for gaining a deeper understanding of the compensation process.

For further information regarding the incident, visit: MT Princess Empress Incident Information Centre (

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