National workshop in Lima, Peru

Posted: 31/03/2023
Categories: News – External Relations

The IOPC Funds participated in a three-day technical and claims for compensation workshop organised by ITOPF for the Dirección General de Capitanias y Guardacostas (DICAPI).  The workshop ran from 28 to 30 March 2023, in Lima, Peru.

The Deputy Director/Head of Claims, Mrs Monsalve, delivered presentations on the main aspects of the legal framework of the international liability and compensation regime for ship-source pollution. It was highlighted that Peru is Party to the 1992 Civil Liability Convention (1992 CLC) but has not ratified the 1992 Fund Convention which would provide increased protection in the event of an incident.

Mrs Monsalve also explained the Funds’ claims policy and the admissibility criteria applied during the assessment of claims. She presented on the types of damage covered, giving particular focus on claims for economic losses in the tourism and the fishery sectors and claims for environmental damage.

ITOPF presented on the lessons learned following the crude oil spill incident that impacted the coastline of Peru in January 2022 (this incident was not covered under the 1992 Fund Convention as Peru is not a 1992 Fund Member State).  They explained the fundamentals of oil spill response and the importance of planning ahead to ensure the most effective response to an oil spill.

The workshop was attended by senior government representatives from various Ministries. It gave the participants a solid foundation to better understand the importance of the international compensation regime following an oil spill.  It also provided an opportunity to strengthen cooperation with the relevant national government agencies and encouraged preparedness ahead of any oil pollution incident.

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