New joint publication by the International Group, ITOPF and IOPC Funds

Posted: 30/11/2021
Categories: News – Policy

The IOPC Funds, the International Group of P&I Associations and ITOPF have collaborated on a new 35-page booklet on liability and compensation for ship-source oil pollution in the marine environment.  The booklet draws on the joint publishers’ experience of dealing with pollution incidents around the world over the past five decades to provide an overview of the various international conventions and national systems in place for compensation for ship-source oil spills.

Case studies have been included which illustrate the importance of cooperation between those claiming compensation, those paying compensation and the technical advisers, who all work together closely during the claims process.

The document was produced with support from the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the  Canadian Ship-source Oil Pollution Fund and the US National Pollution Funds Center.

The booklet is available to download here.

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