Princess Empress incident – Latest information for claimants published

Posted: 04/09/2023
Categories: News – Incidents

The claims process continues to advance in respect of the Princess Empress incident, which occurred off the coast of Naujan, Oriental Mindoro, the Philippines in February 2023.

The Shipowners’ Club and the IOPC Funds are pleased to report in a joint statement that the first claims for compensation submitted to the Claims Submission Office have been reviewed by the Club and IOPC Funds’ experts and the process for the payment of compensation to eligible payments will commence on 5 September 2023.

The latest guidance for claimants regarding the next steps in the process, including details of an information day, is provided in the statement which can be found here.

Given the large number of claimants, staff at the joint Claims Submission Office continue to work closely with barangay captains to facilitate the process.

The Shipowners’ Club and the IOPC Funds would like to thank claimants and local authorities for their patience and understanding.

Further information regarding the latest developments in the incident can be found at:

Specific information for claimants, including claim forms, which are available in both English and Tagalog, can be found at

The Secretariat will report on the latest developments in this incident to the next session of the 1992 Fund Executive in November 2023.

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