Staff visit to ITOPF

Posted: 08/09/2022
Categories: News – External Relations

On 7 September 2022 the IOPC Funds Secretariat visited the offices of ITOPF for an afternoon of presentations and information sharing.

The two organisations have a long history and many shared interests, having worked closely together on a large number of incidents and projects for over 40 years.  Recently, both organisations have undergone a number of staff changes, including at the very top level, with both the IOPC Funds Director, Gaute Sivertsen, and ITOPF Managing Director, Oli Beavon, taking up their posts in January this year.

The visit provided an opportunity to give new staff on both sides an overview of the role of each organisation and for the two Secretariats to meet or reconnect with one another, to exchange information, share working practices, and learn about recent incidents and developments.

It also enabled the IOPC Funds staff to learn in more detail the role ITOPF plays in incidents, the issues and challenges faced by the technical team on site and also the information and communication work carried out by its staff in London.

Both Mr Sivertsen and Mr Beavon confirmed their commitment to continuing the longstanding strong cooperation between the two organisations going forward.

Further information about ITOPF can be found here: ITOPF – Home

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