Third ELD Stakeholder workshop, organised by the European Commission

Posted: 18/12/2014
Categories: News – Policy

The European Commission organised the third ELD Stakeholder Workshop in Brussels on 26 November 2014 to consider the functioning in general of the 2004 Environmental Liability Directive (ELD). At the invitation of the European Commission, the Head of Claims Department, Ms Liliana Monsalve, gave a presentation on the handling of environmental damage claims by the IOPC Funds. Mrs Monsalve and the Director also participated in the workshop, which was intended to provide a forum for the mutual exchange of information and views on issues relating to the application of the ELD.
The 1992 Civil Liability Convention and 1992 Fund Convention are listed, among other international instruments, in Annex IV of the ELD as two of the exemptions of the Directive.

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