Updated Claims Manual published

Posted: 09/04/2019

A new edition of the 1992 Fund Claims Manual has been published.

This latest edition incorporates the text approved by the governing bodies in April 2018 setting out revised assessment criteria for claims for compensation made by employees who have suffered a reduction in wages, been placed on part-time work or been made redundant as a consequence of an incident.

The Guidelines for presenting claims in the fisheries, mariculture and fish processing sector (Fisheries Guidelines) and the Guidelines for presenting claims in the tourism sector (Tourism Guidelines) have also been amended to reflect the change in the criteria.

The revised publications are available to download via the Publications section.

The new edition of the Claims Manual and updated Guidelines are not currently available in hard copy. However, an explanatory note providing the wording of all the new and amended text is available here and in hard copy upon request.

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