Executive Committees

Each Assembly has the right to establish any temporary or permanent subsidiary body it may consider to be necessary, to define its terms of reference and to give it the authority needed to perform the functions entrusted to it. One such subsidiary body is the 1992 Fund Executive Committee. Its main function is to take policy decisions concerning the admissibility of claims for compensation for oil pollution damage relating to incidents involving the 1992 Fund. It holds sessions as and when required, but in practice two times a year, during the week of the regular annual IOPC Funds meeting in October/November, and in conjunction with any extraordinary session of the 1992 Fund Assembly, which are usually held earlier in the year, around April/May.

At each regular session, the 1992 Fund Assembly elects 15 States as members of the Executive Committee, to hold office until the end of the next regular session of the Assembly. When electing the Committee members, the Assembly must first elect seven from among the eleven Member States in the territory of which the largest quantities of contributing oil were received during the preceding calendar year. The remaining eight members are elected from the other Member States, taking into account an equitable geographical distribution and the extent to which a particular State has fulfilled its obligation to submit reports on receipts of contributing oil. No State may serve on the Executive Committee for more than two consecutive terms.

Algeria Denmark Republic of Korea
BahamasIndiaSouth Africa
ColombiaNew ZealandThailand
CyprusPoland United Kingdom

Working Groups

Other such subsidiary bodies are the various intersessional Working Groups which have been set up over the years to consider specific areas of interest to the 1992 Fund, and previously the 1971 Fund. Lists of those Working Groups and the issues they were focused on are provided. The most recent 1992 Fund intersessional Working Group (the 7th) held its final meeting in April 2015 and presented its final report and recommendations to the 1992 Fund Administrative Council in October 2015.