Freezing junction against the 1971 Fund lifted

Posted: 20/11/2014
Categories: News – Incidents

In a decision rendered on 12 November 2014, the High Court in London ordered that the Freezing Injunction, granted on 7 May 2014 by Mr Justice Hamblen against the 1971 Fund, be discharged. The Court rendered its decision with the consent of the Gard Club who had decided not to appeal the judgment in respect of its action against the 1971 Fund.
All litigation with the Gard Club in England is now in the process of being discontinued. Consequently there are no longer any obstacles preventing the refund of any surplus monies to 1971 Fund contributors, which was one of the actions set out in the Resolution on the dissolution of the 1971 Fund, adopted by the 1971 Fund Administrative Council in October 2014.
Further information on the Nissos Amorgos case in general, including details of the recent litigation can be found here.

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