Interspill delayed to 2022 as a unified response to COVID-19

Posted: 01/05/2020
Categories: News – External Relations

As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, and as part of a coordinated response by the three triennial oil spill events, it has been agreed that the next European spill conference, Interspill, will move from March 2021 to 2022.  This follows the decision that the US event, the International Oil Spill Conference (IOSC), originally scheduled for May 2020, should be postponed to 2021 and that Spillcon, which is the third event in the series and takes place in Australia, has been delayed to 2023.

The new Interspill 2022 dates, and confirmation of the venue for the event will be announced in the coming months (  IOSC will still take place in the original host city of New Orleans, Louisiana, US but on 10-13 May 2021 ( Spillcon will take place in 2023, with further details to be confirmed ( The successful three-year cycle of events is preserved by these shifts.

The IOPC Funds have supported Interspill for many years as a member of the Interspill Committee and also participate in IOSC and Spillcon.

Interspill remains the leading European oil spill conference and exhibition since its launch in 2000.  It continues to act as a technical forum to review past spills, to consider the possible challenges of future spills and to support the networking upon which the oil spill response community depends.  For further information, visit:

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