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Posted: 22/08/2013
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Haekup Pacific
In April 2013 the Secretariat was informed of an incident which took place in April 2010 in the Republic of Korea involving an asphalt carrier, the Haekup Pacific. Following a collision with another ship, the Haekup Pacific was heavily damaged and sank with 1 135 metric tonnes of asphalt cargo and over 26 metric tonnes of bunker fuel on board resulting in minor pollution.
In April 2013, the shipowner/UK P&I Club issued legal proceedings against the 1992 Fund before the expiry of the three-year anniversary of the date when the damage occurred, in order to protect their rights in respect of any future liability. However, the UK P&I Club and the 1992 Fund agreed that as the removal operations had not yet taken place, the damage in respect of the removal operation claim had not yet occurred for the purposes of Article 6 of the 1992 Fund Convention, consequently the legal proceedings were withdrawn in June 2013.
A document on this incident will be presented to the October 2013 session of the 1992 Fund Executive Committee. Volgoneft 139 The Director visited the Russian Federation from 13-15 August 2013 and met with a number of representatives at the Ministry of Transport. A number of issues were raised including the submission of oil reports, outstanding contributions and the Volgoneft 139 incident. The Deputy Minister of Transport, Mr Victor Olersky, was very pleased with the decision adopted by the 1992 Fund governing bodies to pay all victims of the Volgoneft 139 oil spill net of the insurance gap. He also thanked the 1992 Fund for having so far paid some RUB 76 million in compensation. The Russian representatives informed the Director that they were very pleased with how the case had been conducted.

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