Member States urged to submit oil reports for 2021 without delay

Posted: 08/06/2022
Categories: News – Policy

The deadline for submitting reports of oil received in 2021 has now passed and the Director urges any Member State which has yet to submit its reports to kindly do so at the earliest opportunity.

Under the 1992 Fund Convention and Supplementary Fund Protocol, and in accordance with the IOPC Funds’ Internal Regulations, each Contracting State is required to communicate no later than 30 April each year, data on the relevant quantities of contributing oil received during the preceding calendar year.

The Secretariat expects to levy contributions in 2022, based on the 2021 reports.  Therefore, it is vital that all States fulfil their obligation to submit the relevant data as soon as possible.  If any State expects further delays to the submission for 2021, please let the Secretariat know via

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