October 2016 IOPC Funds’ meetings: Reminder to submit credentials and register

Posted: 11/10/2016
Categories: News – Policy

The next sessions of the IOPC Funds’ governing bodies will take place from 17-20 October 2016 and, as stated in agenda circular IOPC/OCT16/AGN, credentials and notifications for representatives, alternates and other persons designated by governments and organisations to attend the meetings should be sent to the Director of the IOPC Funds in advance of the opening of the meetings.
Detailed guidance in respect of the form and content of credentials and notifications is given in circular IOPC/2015/Circ.4. However, credentials should be addressed to the new IOPC Funds’ premises and not Portland House as stated in the model contained in the annex to that document.
Delegates must also register online in advance of the meetings via the Document Services website. Delegates who do not register online in advance, will need to do so upon arrival and may not appear on the provisional list of participants.
Delegates are reminded that, as decided by the governing bodies in April 2016, meeting documents will no longer be printed and distributed during the sessions. Delegations wishing to have access to printed meeting documents at the sessions of the governing bodies are kindly asked to request a limited number of copies of meeting documents, under exceptional circumstances.
Finally delegates are reminded of the importance of being seated in the meeting room no later than 09.30 am on Monday 17 October, when delegations are counted to establish whether the governing bodies have reached their respective quorum requirement.

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