Claims Information Pack available in Chinese

Posted: 22/06/2018
Categories: News – Policy

The Chinese Ship-source Oil Pollution Compensation Fund (COPC Fund) has, in cooperation with the IOPC Funds, translated and published a Chinese version of the Funds’ Claims Information Pack which is available to download via the Publications section.
As a result of ongoing engagement between the Secretariat and China, the Director received a request via the COPC Fund to provide assistance in the verification of the text of the 1992 Fund Claims Manual in Chinese. Once that was successfully completed, the COPC Fund decided to translate and publish all remaining documents within the Claims Information Pack and these were made available by the COPC Fund in June 2018.
Publications are usually produced in the official working languages of the IOPC Funds, namely English, French and Spanish. However, from time to time the Secretariat collaborates with Member States and other organisations to produce key publications in other languages. However, only the official original texts in English, French and Spanish would be taken into account by the 1992 Fund in the event of claims being submitted as a result of oil pollution damage.
The IOPC Funds is delighted that the COPC Fund has undertaken this project and looks forward to continued cooperation between the two organisations in the future.

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